A Little Help With Bibliographies

I cannot be the only one who feels like MLA, APA and Chicago Style guides are all necessary evils, like competing cell phone companies or grocery store chains. I realize that to have one alone would create a writing manual monopoly, inevitably doing a disservice to fiction on one hand, or scholarly journals on the other. But really, I think amongst editors at least, we all would agree that one universal guide would save us the trouble of daunting t- chart comparisons and meticulous index searches. I have determined that the greatest difference between the 3 are bibliographies. So for those students who are struggling, check out a short hand chart that just may do you justice…click here.



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One Response to “A Little Help With Bibliographies”

  1. Jessica Nixon December 12, 2011 1:47 am

    Thanks for the chart! That really is helpful.

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