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New birth

I am less than 4 weeks away from feeling, what I am told is, both the most excruciating and sweetest feeling in life—birth. I think it is a very gracious thing, for God, the life-giver, to share the process a little with us. To give us a glimpse into knowing what it means to “make” […]

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Thoughts on Spring

I have heard many times from people over the past couple weeks of heat wave here in Minneapolis, “I love Spring!” I have been tempted to say the same, though I never thought of this as my favorite season. And so I have wondered (as I did 8 years ago when I changed my favorite […]

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Reading… as an editor

It is difficult. Really. At this point in the game, I would argue it is probably the greatest con to the field. Which is truly sad, as majority of editors, publishers, writers, really anyone working with language, loves to read. I would assume majority of us were the kids who actually read our high school […]

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Dance and Words

I was a dance major in college long before I took a print journalism or literature course. Just as I was in a community dance class long before I ventured to write my first prose. Dance, you could say, was my first mode of expression. And still, when I am overwhelmed by some particular emotion, […]

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Self Publishing

Honesty is the best policy. It seems to be one of those transcendent bible truths that rings true no matter what religion you are. It certainly rings true for Mill City Publishing here in the Twin Cities. I recently completed editing a book manuscript and assisted the author in her journey of self publishing. After […]

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Editing vs. Spell Check

Editing is nothing short of art, and everything spell check can never be. Spell check cannot create flow where there is disconnection, organize thoughts where logic lacks, select alternative word choices that better convey a message without compromising tone. Spell check cannot give voice to paper in a way that leaves impacting emotions on the […]

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The Editor’s Bible

When I first decided to actualize Real Eyes into a business, I joined several linkedin groups for authors, editors and journalists to get a pulse on the general industry conversation. There were several things I gleaned from chats, and articles and comments, but by far the greatest of them was a fellow freelance editor who […]

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Just do it

The overwhelming things I have wanted to do in my life, the things that seemed most impossible in feasibility and practicality, typically have been the most rewarding. I thought I wanted to dance professionally at one point in my life, but to explore it as a real possibility, I had to move to the East […]

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The what and how of writing

I am fully convinced that the “what” and the “how” are both equally as difficult and important in writing. When a writer is deciding what they want to write, they have to consider their expertise, their passion, the potential for sales and readership, whether or not a publishing house will pick it up… Once that […]

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A Little Help With Bibliographies

I cannot be the only one who feels like MLA, APA and Chicago Style guides are all necessary evils, like competing cell phone companies or grocery store chains. I realize that to have one alone would create a writing manual monopoly, inevitably doing a disservice to fiction on one hand, or scholarly journals on the […]

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