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A short story about Amber

When I was 12, I met Amber. She was Autistic, and apart of the Special Ed class that had been scattered throughout the mainstream seventh grade for various class periods. Each Special Ed student was teamed with a chosen mainstream student. Amber was not mine. I was assigned as desk buddy to Rachel, who was […]

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Mrs. Longstaff

Mrs. Longstaff was tall, with big white curls that bounced when she walked, each curl like the bushy tail of a squirrel. She was fair in color, with thin lips that pursed for most every emotion she had, save for when she was mad, then she smiled. In the off chance that someone dared cut […]

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Back to the basics

I recently accepted a very part time position teaching a Senior Thesis Writing Course at a Christian charter high school here in Minneapolis. It begins in the fall. I have done a considerable amount of volunteer work affiliated with the school over the past year. With Real Eyes, my journalism background and sincere love for […]

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