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The Editor’s Bible

When I first decided to actualize Real Eyes into a business, I joined several linkedin groups for authors, editors and journalists to get a pulse on the general industry conversation. There were several things I gleaned from chats, and articles and comments, but by far the greatest of them was a fellow freelance editor who […]

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Just do it

The overwhelming things I have wanted to do in my life, the things that seemed most impossible in feasibility and practicality, typically have been the most rewarding. I thought I wanted to dance professionally at one point in my life, but to explore it as a real possibility, I had to move to the East […]

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A Little Help With Bibliographies

I cannot be the only one who feels like MLA, APA and Chicago Style guides are all necessary evils, like competing cell phone companies or grocery store chains. I realize that to have one alone would create a writing manual monopoly, inevitably doing a disservice to fiction on one hand, or scholarly journals on the […]

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