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Being at Home: Part I

I am asked often enough, if I get bored being “at home.” The 10-15 hours I spend editing a week are veiled to most people. ...
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Growing Strong

Sixth grade was like tea without sugar or wet socks or a much anticipated  hello directed at the person behind you. It sucked. Everything was ...
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A new rudder

I was outspoken, often saying words and never thinking about them before (or after) they escaped my mouth. As Proverbs says, "I was like a ...
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Mrs. Longstaff

Mrs. Longstaff was tall, with big white curls that bounced when she walked, each curl like the bushy tail of a squirrel. She was fair ...
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My life seems to have themed seasons. Does yours? Though some are clearer than others, they are always there, often marked by a key word ...
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Commas, Semi-colons and Jesus

Sentences are independent clauses. They begin with capital letters and end with periods. They have too; otherwise we do not know when to pause and ...
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In Spanish, the word for break is Pausa...its Latin root is where we derive the English word Pause.  I heard a lot of Spanish and ...
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when 20 children die

I, like most mothers in America, sat on my couch in front of the breaking news—and wept. Through my tears, I heard a commentator mention ...
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T.V., Books and Jesus

My sister and I were chatting on the phone about a particular new television series she has started watching, one of many to choose from ...
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Like God

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Illustrated by Sara Pimental

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