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The Word

I have always loved words. I was a bookworm when I was young and fell in love with the art of poetry in high school. ...
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Olympic Thinking

It seems only appropriate that the Olympics are this summer. It is a fitting culmination to a memorable and wildly pivotal year. We returned from ...
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Back to the basics

I recently accepted a very part time position teaching a Senior Thesis Writing Course at a Christian charter high school here in Minneapolis. It begins ...
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New birth

I am less than 4 weeks away from feeling, what I am told is, both the most excruciating and sweetest feeling in life—birth. I think ...
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Thoughts on Spring

I have heard many times from people over the past couple weeks of heat wave here in Minneapolis, "I love Spring!" I have been tempted ...
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Reading… as an editor

It is difficult. Really. At this point in the game, I would argue it is probably the greatest con to the field. Which is truly ...
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Dance and Words

I was a dance major in college long before I took a print journalism or literature course. Just as I was in a community dance ...
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Self Publishing

Honesty is the best policy. It seems to be one of those transcendent bible truths that rings true no matter what religion you are. It ...
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Editing vs. Spell Check

Editing is nothing short of art, and everything spell check can never be. Spell check cannot create flow where there is disconnection, organize thoughts where ...
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Like God

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Illustrated by Sara Pimental

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