Dissertation Editing Promotion

Fall Promotion

Have a spouse or friend finishing up their Masters or Doctorate? I will be providing 10% off to new, thesis and dissertation clients beginning in August! Dissertation editing can be helpful at all stages of the (often) long process. Feel free to use, or pass along the promo code above. Dissertation/Thesis editing services include: content/grammar review, chapter structure and cohesion review, formatting against guidelines (inc online submission guidelines), table formatting, and even a la carte requests, like building your index and TOC. Email inquiries welcome now.

Real Eyes expanded academic editing services to clients at both the University of Minnesota and Hamline University this past school year. I am hoping to use this promotion as further push into local campuses of the Twin Cities.

Summer is full fledged in my neighborhood. The hydrangea bush I nursed all last fall has blossomed to my delight, the basketball court is booming with taunts and cheers, inflatable pools are spilling over with water. Sometimes, I swear, I hear Mr. Armstrong’s “I see trees of green…” playing amid the voices of happy, unsupervised children racing down my block—while I indulge in freezies on my front stairs.

I love Summer. So, I hope this mention of Fall is less of an interruption to the season, and more a happy incentive for the cool front to come. Cheers! Alyssa


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