Editing Services

Thesis/Dissertation Editing—.04/word   Includes: Grammar review, Citation/Reference review for alignment and format, Formatting to University guidelines, Content structure and header review, Abstract and TOC creation. Necessary phone/email communication throughout the process. Flexible timelines to accommodate committee approval and peer reviews. A la carte services available: build index or key definition list, table formatting and embedding, reformatting for book manuscript submissions

Book Manuscript Editing—Varies by project and scope.  Includes: Grammar, Content Structure, Voice/Tone, Formatting to submission guidelines

Resume  Editing—$75   Includes: Formatting, Grammar, Industry language suggestions. Pricing based on 1 page

MBA Essay Editing or Cover Letter—$100   Includes: Content/Mechanic, Formatting to University guidelines. Pricing based on 750 word max.

Business Project Editing—$30/hour Example: Newsletters, Index, Contracts, Blogs, E-blasts

Go to “Place an Order” and tell me about your specific editing needs. I will have a hard estimate and suggested consultation date back to you quickly. You'll be pleased with just how simple the process is.

Click this link: “Before-and-After” excerpts for a glimpse of the Real Eyes editing approach. From minor grammar (commas, extra spaces and misspellings), citations, graph and table reformatting, to complete structure over haul.