It seems only appropriate that the Olympics are this summer. It is a fitting culmination to a memorable and wildly pivotal year. We returned from 10 months of international travel last August and since then have (among other things): started new jobs, launched a business, bought a house and had a baby… June 25th, Moriah Fé was born.

When I think of all God has done, with Real Eyes in particular, I cannot help but feel like Gabby Douglas—sticking a landing, with a huge smile, arms outstretched above my head. And like her, I am learning that progress and triumph come through the slow days, of planning and preparation, not the fast ones filled with podiums and medals. I am convinced, in fact, that Olympians are just as much their thinking as their capability. They see themselves where they want to be and operate from that vision. How we think is vitally important to who we are. This must be why God tells us in Philippians “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable…think about such things.” I am reminded to think in this way as the cool of fall sets in and the newness of all my change fades to normalcy. I am reminded to think like an Olympian.

PS. Recently was interviewed by blogger and friend Elizabeth Knox from Washington D.C.. Check it out:


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