In Spanish, the word for break is Pausa…its Latin root is where we derive the English word Pause. 

I heard a lot of Spanish and did a lot of “pausing” this past week. My family took a 10 day vacation to visit my parents at their humble nest in Orlando. Sun and beach and March Madness and home cooking…(deep breath and smile).

It was a pause well needed. Spring is dissertation season for Real Eyes and the final semester stretch as a teacher. But with every stress comes its gain, if we step back.

Easter is a reminder to see the hope and the good in the daunting; even further, to see the joy (Heb 12:2)! To seize opportunities of rest, yet thankfully receive our gift of work. Something I learned from my track days: A race run discouraged and reserved makes a victory bitter; while a race run hard and hopeful makes even defeat sweet.

The nature of dissertations’ tediousness is offset by the fascinating content I absorb and the new dimension of perspective it gives me in subject areas I am otherwise ignorant too. The drain of keeping 18 year olds engaged in thesis curriculum is rewarded in envisioning their soon swinging tassles and hearing of their future successes.

I hope you enjoyed your Easter…I hope you enjoy the days ahead JUST as much!



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