School is in session! The children walking past my home office window this morning are still in fresh, bright, new looking shoes and clothes. They have pep in their step and packs on their backs.

I too will be starting school! I was accepted to pursue my Editing Certificate at the University of Chicago. Thankfully, I no longer feel the pressure of buying bright colored Nikes and paying to have manufactured holes in my pants (smile). Instead, I will be paying to brush-up on the latest grammar rules, format changes, electronic editing and e-book software, and the most relevant changes in publishing industry. And what the heck, maybe I’ll buy a new shirt from the thrift too…

I am in the thick of fall dissertations, but will slow down just in time for my first course in late October. So, if you haven’t, shuffle those dissertation referrals my way now, while my 10% off promotion is going strong.

10% off dissertation pricing through October 1. Promo Code: 10%Dissertation

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