The Editor’s Bible

When I first decided to actualize Real Eyes into a business, I joined several linkedin groups for authors, editors and journalists to get a pulse on the general industry conversation. There were several things I gleaned from chats, and articles and comments, but by far the greatest of them was a fellow freelance editor who told me to read “The Chicago Style Manual” from front cover to back. At first, my youthful laze crept in and I assumed that a general skim would suffice and I checked the book out from the library. After all, I have a journalism education, business copy writing experience and a good number of freelance writing gigs under my belt. Let’s just say, after my first book manuscript editing gig, when tedious questions of hyphen placement, table citation and typesetting became overwhelming…I let the book expire into overdue and ate the charge to keep it. It is now my bible, next to my bible and my clients are the beneficiaries of my overflow.

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