I have heard many times from people over the past couple weeks of heat wave here in Minneapolis, “I love Spring!” I have been tempted to say the same, though I never thought of this as my favorite season. And so I have wondered (as I did 8 years ago when I changed my favorite color from orange to red) if I should change my favorite season officially to Spring?

On a walk yesterday with my husband, soaking in the green, and the birds, and the air I realized— I love Spring for everything it is not, much more so than for what it is. Spring represents no more winter, and that, that alone makes me love it! But, if I had to choose a season to have all year round, I would have to lean toward Summer’s heat, and full bloom flowers or Fall’s rainbow collage of leaves, and nights around the fire. No, Spring is not my favorite.

Nonetheless, it is beautiful… and fresh and life giving. And maybe God was up to something else perfect, when He decided the world, like life, should have changes.

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