Happy New Year from Real Eyes

Happy New Year!

I had a happy reminder as I closed Real Eyes’ book for 2016 (pun intended). Our success is your success. We succeed because clients, like you, lean into the rewarding journey of completing their dreams–whether that be a doctoral dissertation, an autobiography, a business website or professional growth materials.

Our success is your success. And in that regard, we are a team! Thank you.

Thank you for the unprecedented dissertation referrals this year. Thank you for trusting me with your many business strategies and allowing me to take part in the big impact you make every day. Honing your voice is my joy!

Stay tuned for new ways to partner with Real Eyes, like my traveling “College Writing Workshop” or “Dissertation Editing: The Process” and “Resume Writing for Millennials”. Interested? If you haven’t, subscribe to the Real Eyes newsletter at the bottom of our homepage here, to receive quarterly e-updates in 2017.*

Peace to you in 2017. And, thank you!

Alyssa Miller

Editor-in-Chief, Real Eyes Editing and Writing ©


*E-updates may also include promotions, a short fiction story I tried my hand at, or new trends in copyright, publishing, electronic book formats and whatever else I am learning in University of Chicago’s editing program (smile).

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