A new rudder

I was outspoken, often saying words and never thinking about them before (or after) they escaped my mouth. As Proverbs says, “I was like a [madwoman] with flaming arrows or darts” releasing hurt and shame onto others with my wit, and thoughtless jokes or judgmental criticism. The flaming arrows of my childhood, when matched with …

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My life seems to have themed seasons. Does yours? Though some are clearer than others, they are always there, often marked by a key word or idea that continually comes up in various conversation, devotions and through readings. Ironically to me, it has even seemed  that each season lasts just long enough for me  to …

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In Spanish, the word for break is Pausa…its Latin root is where we derive the English word Pause.  I heard a lot of Spanish and did a lot of “pausing” this past week. My family took a 10 day vacation to visit my parents at their humble nest in Orlando. Sun and beach and March …

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