The overwhelming things I have wanted to do in my life, the things that seemed most impossible in feasibility and practicality, typically have been the most rewarding. I thought I wanted to dance professionally at one point in my life, but to explore it as a real possibility, I had to move to the East Coast, leave my in state scholarships and attend a private college that had the dance world credibility necessary to succeed. After 3 months, I hated it. However, I ended up staying out East and enjoyed some of the best four years of my life, not to mention that season resurrected my love for journalism. I think my next was deciding to become fluent in Spanish. But to do so most effectively and time efficiently, I had to quit my well paying advertising job at one of the largest retail firms in Minnesota, sell my things, and move my husband and I to Central America for language school. It was the epitome of rewarding in retrospect, and we will forever be the result of international perspective. More recently, I think it is fair to say, wanting to work for myself has been… well, yes, overwhelming. But so rewarding. Amazing the things you learn to do, skills you learn to apply. How do you make rates, how do you build clientele, how do you legitimize your taxes and become an LLC, how do you find a web designer, how do you account for billing, what software do I need?

What is my point? Whatever yours is, in the back dusty corner of that mind of yours… do it. Think it through, pray about it, bounce it off some sound minds, and then sit down, and make your game plan. “Just do it” -Nike.

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