Reading… as an editor

It is difficult. Really. At this point in the game, I would argue it is probably the greatest con to the field. Which is truly sad, as majority of editors, publishers, writers, really anyone working with language, loves to read. I would assume majority of us were the kids who actually read our high school book assignments in entirety and then kept the book to reread it later- for fun. And yet, we enter a field where we spend so much time reading and dissecting literature, that fitting in your own leisure reading after hours is well… counter relaxing. I have been working on Chris Cleave’s “Little Bee” for about 2 weeks now, and I am not yet past the 100th page. The truth is, my rate is a mockery to his brilliant page turner, but due to the reality just described, I find the only time I can justify taking my off time to read is when I am on the treadmill at the gym… and that means no more than 30 minute intervals at a time. Oh the implications to the roads we choose 😉

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