Honesty is the best policy. It seems to be one of those transcendent bible truths that rings true no matter what religion you are. It certainly rings true for Mill City Publishing here in the Twin Cities. I recently completed editing a book manuscript and assisted the author in her journey of self publishing. After researching several Christian and non Christian publishing houses we found that Mill City, not just conveniently located, but regarding price and policy seemed to be the most well rounded in its offerings. We were pleased to discover its policy of honesty. What company actually tells you in its rates that you could do the service yourself for less? Like converting your format to ebook, or finding a freelance editor like myself vs. mandating you use their more expensive editing services. And at the same time, offering you wholesale printing rates and 100% royalities? Kudos to Mark Levine, president of the company and author of, “The Fine Print to Self-Publishing.”

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Like God

Children's book written by Alyssa & Moriah Miller

Illustrated by Sara Pimental

Plus... a free downloadable coloring packet as a supplement gift to the children's book.